Frequently Asked Questions

With us, you can relax knowing that your property is in good hands because we take care of everything, from tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance and repairs, and legal compliance. As a result, our services provides you with a lucrative, secure, and hands-off alternative.

We offer you a higher return on investment and take care of everything, including advertising your home and screening guests while managing and renting out your property.

We handle ALL logistics and paperwork.

We offer 12 months Advance Rent for properties that qualify.

It is paramount that we have frequent professional cleaners due to our target market. We work with the best qualified professionals.

We host different guests, including health professionals, visitors to the borough to shoot movies, and boat racers, among others. We know what they need, and we want your property to fulfil their needs.

With us, you will have guaranteed rent every month. We are experts, masters of our field of work.

  • This is a business-to-business agreement. There are no tenancies or ASTs involved.
  • No  ‘void’ periods – we will pay the rent even if the property is not occupied all the time.
  • You will enjoy completely hands-off management of your property – we will take care of managing it for you.
  • You will enjoy having all day-to-day maintenance bills covered by us for the duration of the agreement.( except Boilers and major issues that arent day to to day maintenance)
  • Your property will be professionally cleaned on a regular basis not forgetting the garden
  • We will refurbish/redecorate as required to keep the property looking at its best – as we have a vested interest in keeping your property in tip-top condition.
  • Your property will be returned to you in the same (often better) condition at the end of the agreement period.

How Can We Help You Today?

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